South African Racing

Horse racing is a popular sport in South Africa. South Africa has many beautiful horse racing tracks with lash green surroundings and clubs where many international horse racing events are orchestrated. The highest ranking of these is The Durban July Tournament, held in Durban; it is the biggest tournament of the continent and attracts more than 50 thousand fans & participants from across the globe. Among other events is the Summer Cup held in Johannesburg and the J & B Met, organized in Cape Town. The media coverage of these events is extensive. Even if you are not a horse racing fan, the environment for these events is tantalizingly festive. The sun, sand & sea makes for a delightful experience. Even from the comfort of your own home, you can still enjoy South African Racing to its fullest. All the information, odds and results are available in real time online and putting your bets on really makes you feel like you are part of the big races, even from Australia.

Types of Horseracing

Horse racing is coined as the Sport of Kings and rightly so! It has come a long way from the chariots of the Roman Empire and the modern day equestrian sport is a regular fixture at the Summer Olympic Games. There are many forms of horse racing contested globally. The difference between these forms is mainly the breed of horses used in the competition. In South Africa, the most popular type of horse racing is the Thoroughbred races, which includes the Thoroughbred horse racing. These horses are known for their speed and races are timed over fixed distances. Other types of horse racing are the Harness horse racing, Quarter horse racing and the endurance horse racing.

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Steeplechasing or hurdles racing is a form the thoroughbred racing, which is done on the flat or over jumps. Endurance races are done with purebred Arabian horses.

Horse racing & Betting

Due to the intrinsic nature of the sport of horse racing, betting is at the heart of the game. The rich and prosperous of the country and from across the world, indulge heavily in horse race betting. In South Africa, betting on horse racing was the only legalized gambling activity until 1996.

Saftote is the governing authority for horse racing and KwaZulu-Natal regulates it in the Gold Circle. Phumelela controls the Western Cape and the rest of the country. Where, traditionally bets are placed on the on-track establishment, nowadays that tread is being replaced by the facility of securely place bets online in real-time. This way is very convenient, especially for the overseas punters for instance the Australian bettors. In fact online betting system is fast replacing the traditional method as being more reliable and safe. It generally provides the convenience of placing bets remotely from anywhere, meaning the bettor does not have to be physically present at the track for placing his or her bets.

Other than the traditional betting with a bookmaker, punters may be able to both back and lay money through an online betting exchange. This gives them more control as the odds are set by the betting exchange depending on the market conditions. Also by betting online, the bettor can bypass the bookie. A common emerging tread is peer to peer betting, where users can match each others bets and raise the stake at their choosing.

In Horse races there are usually three ways to choose bets from. Firstly is the “bet to win”; where the punter places a bet on a horse and the bet will pay off if it finishes first. Or the punters have the option to “bet to place” or “bet to show”. Bet to place means that the punter places a bet on a horse to finish in one of the top two position, for example if the punter places a bet to place & his horse finishes either first or second, the bet is a winner. The “bet to show” means to bet is for the top three positions. The reward is proportionate to the stakes involved, since it is harder to pinpoint a horse as a winner, the reward is more for the bet to win than the other two option. The types of bets which can be placed in the horse races depend a great deal on the type of race and the number of contesting horses.

A country like South Africa is emerging as a great source of International sports and horse racing in the country is not only a recreational activity but actually generates a lot of revenue for the national economy. According to one estimate, thousands of jobs are associated with this industry. South Africa still needs a lot of improving as the social disorder might be deterrent but South Africa is gaining a very respectable place in the world of horse racing.

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